How do I troubleshoot my teacher machine (VMware)

Situation: My device won't power up (VMware)

Solution: In certain situations, your teacher computer may not power as expected. Typically, this can be resolved by double-tapping the power button (see image below). After double-tapping the power button, the power indicator will light briefly then blink while the device boots. 

If the light doesn't come on, even briefly, check and make sure the unit is plugged in and that the power toggle switch (see image below) is in the the on ( "|" ) position.


Situation: My device indicates "Check Source Cable" (VMware)

Solution: This indicates that the mode has been changed on your teacher computer. Locate the source button (pictured below). Press the button to change the source. Wait 5-10 seconds. It may be necessary to repeat this process, waiting each time, to cycle back to your regular setting. This process is comparable to changing the source on a classroom projector. 


Situation: My device indicates that there is no network connection available. (VMware)

Solution: Typically, this indicates there has been an interruption to the network, such as a power outage or network reset. To resolve this issue:

  1. Power off your teacher computer using the toggle switch adjacent to the power cord. This is located on the back side, at the bottom (pictured below)
  2. Power the toggle switch back on
  3. Power up the unit using the power switch on the front-bottom edge (pictured below). It may be necessary to double-tap the power button. A flashing or solid light just above the control/power buttons on the bottom edge indicates the device is powering/powered.

Note: In some cases, it will also be necessary to restart your Windows machine. Click the Windows start button > Power options > restart. If you are unable to do that, it may be necessary to contact the Tech Department for assistance.



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