How do I power down or reboot my Chromebook?

For a reboot to be fully effective, a complete shut-down process is necessary. Simply closing the lid, while the screen goes dark, will only suspend operation, not restart. Follow these steps for a correct shut-down process.

  1. Click your icon at the lower-right corner of the screen
  2. Click the Power icon
  3. Wait for the screen and power button key to go dark. If the machine notifies you that an installation is in process, all that process to complete. The machine will shut down once that is finished.

Forcing a Chromebook to power down

In the rare case that a Chromebook becomes completely unresponsive and it isn’t possible to complete a “correct” power down of the machine, locate the power button on the keyboard and hold down the power key until the machine powers down and the LED light on the power key goes out. This may take as long as 20-30 seconds, which will feel like a ridiculously long time!

Forcing your device to shut down is an incomplete process that may result in unwanted behaviors from your device, and should only be used as a last resort. 

Always use the on-screen shut-down option when available. 

Think of it like this: The on-screen shutdown is like packing your bag, putting up your chair, picking up the loose papers off the floor, and shutting off the light at the end of the day. A forced shut-down is more like a fire drill. The end result is that everyone leaves, but things are left in disarray instead of being properly prepared for your return.

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