Off-Campus Filter Access

Students in Grades 7-12 who take their Chromebook devices off-campus must log into the mobile device filter to access websites while using the the device off-campus.

Accessing the filter:

If you’ve just started your device while connected to an off-campus network, you should automatically be presented with a notification on screen or a login screen when you open the Chrome browser.


Lower-right connection notification window

After selecting your District, you be presented with the login screen.

Mobile Login in web-browser

Logging In

Log into the mobile filter using the same login you would use for your Chromebook login without the “” portion.



Username: lastname.firstname00 (without


Unable to Continue After the Computer Sits Idle

If your computer sits idle for a while or you haven’t recently restarted the machine, your filter login will time-out. It will be necessary to reconnect to the filter.


The easiest way to initiate this process is to open a new tab and attempt to connect to a non-secure site, such as,, and You should once again be presented with the Mobile Login page.


Secure sites with “https://” at the beginning of the address will not prompt you to log into the filter, instead the site will simply not load. This is due to normal security settings of a secure website.


Seeing the Mobile Filter on a Non-School Device?

If you have logged into the Chrome browser on a home computer, you may see the Mobile Login on a personally-owned device. This document may assist you in correcting the issue: Multiple Profiles in Google Chrome


Seeing an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) related error?

Some users have experienced an issue where they are able to login to the blue Mobile Login page, but are unable to move past that point. Instead, they see an error mentioning a problem with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or a certificate problem. This issue appears to be limited to HughesNet satellite internet customers and possibly some AT&T Broadband customers.


HughesNet Filter Support

Information contained here represents support suggestions received through communication with HughesNet support. Crestview’s Tech Department has no firsthand knowledge of HughesNet’s system and recommends contacting their support team if you have any questions. Please feel free to share your HughesNet experience with the Crestview Tech Department to help us better advise others.

“Our Web Accelerator is a much needed part of our system that helps our customer’s performance remain healthy. This can be disabled by your students with just a few steps. Here is a quick reference link you can use that has instructions and screenshots on how to disable this feature:

“I am assuming that the school-owned devices are pre-loaded with the proxy settings on the network connection, so it is not directly related to your school’s website. Since this is the case, I would remain cautious that disabling Web Acceleration may not completely resolve their issue. If they are unable to make these changes, a quick call to our support line (1866-347-3292) is all they will need to have someone in tech support disable it for them. Should the issue continue after disabling Web Acceleration, our network managers may need to review the proxy to see why it is not working with our service. Please keep us in the loop, and let the students know they are always welcome to post in our community ( if they would like one – on –one support with us.”

Still Unable to Login to the Mobile Filter?

The nature of the off-campus filter being, well, off-campus makes troubleshooting a little more difficult than other on-campus issues. Please send an email to and explain exactly what you are, and aren’t, seeing. We will attempt to correct the issue as quickly as possible.

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