How do I send a Fax from my desktop? (Windows)

Faxes may be sent either from your desktop computer or from the Board Office copier.

Note: It is not possible to send faxes from Chromebooks at this time. 

To send a fax from your desktop computer

  1. Open the item to be faxed.

  2. Select the Print option as if you were going to print a paper copy of the document

  3. Select "BOE LAN-Fax" as your printer

    Note: If printing a page or item from within Google Chrome, you must select the 'BOE LAN-Fax from Local Destinations within the Chrome print dialogue. Google Cloud Print options will not work.

  4. Click "Print" to begin entering your Fax settings

  5. There are several options tabs in the Fax settings. Select the "Specify Destination" tab.

    Enter the recipient's Fax Number, remembering to include a "1" for long distance calls.

  6. Open the "Email Settings" to enter information to receive confirmation of the status of your Fax.

    Select "Notify" to receive an email confirming the status of your sent Fax once sending has completed.

    Enter your full email address in the Destination field

  7. Select the "Cover Sheet" tab to enter information for routing once it is received.

    Check "Attach a Cover Sheet"

    Select "Edit Names" on the "To:" drop down menu

    Complete the applicable fields under "To:" and "From:"

    An optional message may be entered at the right

  8. After all of the needed settings are complete, click "Send" or "Send & Print" at the bottom right of any tab in the print dialogue. In addition to sending your fax, the "Send & Print" option will also print a copy of your fax on the Board Office copier. 

  9. After the fax has finished transmitting, you will receive a confirmation email (provide you've entered your email address in step 6). The confirmation email will provide you with the status or any applicable error codes of your transmission. Expect a brief delay before this message is received. 

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