TV tuner Programming

When there is a power outage, brown-out, etc. and the VCR combo units lose power, they will reset back to factory defaults.  Meaning they lose all their channel programming.
You will need to use your VCR remote control, click menu, and follow the on-screen directions on how to re-program the channels.
Please give this a try.  If you still need help, please put in a help ticket.
Here are the specific instructions:
1.     Turn your VCR/Tuner on
2.     Press the Setup/Menu Button on your Remote control
3.     Use the arrow keys to scroll down and highlight the TUNING option
4.     Press the ENTER button
5.     Press the DOWN arrow button, scroll down, highlight the TUNING BAND option
6.     Press the RIGHT ARROW button  (the TV option will change to CATV)
7.     Press the UP ARROW button so that the AUTO CHANNEL SET is highlighted
8.     Press the RIGHT ARROW button (your channels will now be programming)
        WAIT until finished
You can now tune to all the channels available.


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